Tuesday, 20 November 2012

OPI 'The Top Ten' Gift Pack Review

What an incredibly clever gift pack for OPI to bring out right before Christmas. Their top polish colours ever, all wrapped up nicely for the price of two big OPI polishes? Yes please!!!

If ever there was a way to quickly expand your nail polish collection... this is it! And who ever gets through a whole big polish bottle anyway? Now I think about it all of mine have gone gunky before I could use the bottom dregs anyway. So this is a great investment, and a brilliant Christmas gift idea.

We bought this gift pack as a congratulations for finishing uni present for my sister. She has posed as the hand model to demonstrate all of the colours below. The red and brown full polished hands pictured further down are my own, because those were the two colours I hadn't tried anything like before, so I was excited to wear them.

Left hand L-R: Alpine Snow, Kiss Me On My Tulips, Tickle Me France-y, Big Apple Red, Vamsterdam.
Right hand L-R: You Don't Know Jacques!, Bubble Bath, Lincoln Park After Dark, Red Lights Ahead...Where?, I'm Not Really A Waitress.

See order above

Alpine Snow: We already owned a mini from another gift pack and a large of this colour. It is a great plain white, but I don’t know of many people who just wear plain white on their nails. I suggest it would make a great French manicure tip, base for a neon or bold polish to make it pop/opaque, or to layer glitter over the top. Kind of reminds be of painting my nails with white out at school though… not so classy now ay?

Bubble Bath: A pretty perfect sheer pale pink, that needs at least three coats to look nice on it’s own. Or it performs brilliantly as a French manicure pink. Makes you feel girly, pretty and classy when wearing this on your fingertips!

Tickle Me France-y: I feel this colour is the let down of the pack. It’s a neutral brown-pink, that’s kind of a nothingy colour. It’s an ugly pink or a pretty blargh brown really.

Kiss Me On My Tulips: A beautiful bright and Barbie doll pink. Perfectly opaque and creamy, and is a great Spring/Summer colour. Gorgeous colour.

Red Lights Ahead…Where?: This is a nice opaque red with slight orange/yellow undertones, but it’s not for me. I already know with my pink undertones and fair skin that this will not suit me at all. However it looks gorgeous on my olive skinned, yellow undertone sister. Extraordinarily bright, it really makes a nail statement.

Big Apple Red: Now this is the kind of red that will suit me! This is a blue based red without a hint of orange/yellow. This is also a bright red but a bit more subdued that the previous red, as the blue base tones it down slightly. This colour reminds me of Frenchy/nautical outfits, and I can’t wait to wear it with a white and navy striped top!

I’m Not Really a Waitress: This is a Snow White-esque, metallic divine red. Absolutely amazing, and I’m not even a red nail fan. Shines like no other polish before, and looks so mesmerizing and magical on. A great festive choice!

How Snow White is this!? Love it!

You Don’t Know Jacques!: I’m not a huge brown nail fan, but this one is a nice brown. A taupe, creamy mid-tone brown.

Vampsterdam: Gorgeous, sexy, intruiging. It’s a dark, purple metallic colour that looks incredibly magical.

Lincoln Park After Dark: Extremely dark purple colour that is basically black, but without the harsh black gothic edge. More flattering. Wish it looked more similar to how it does in the bottle though.

L-R: Alpine Snow, Kiss Me On My Tulips, Tickle Me France-y, Big Apple Red, Vamsterdam.

L-R: You Don't Know Jacques!, Bubble Bath, Lincoln Park After Dark, Red Lights Ahead...Where?, I'm Not Really A Waitress.
And there you have it! This gift pack was $39.95 from David Jones (can also buy them from Myer in different packaging).

So what do you think? Do you like the colours in this gift pack? What is your favourite? 

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  1. I am totally obsessed with OPI. Unfortunately I already have some similar colours as the ones in this collection. I love the mini-packs as a rule though.

    1. Me too! You should see how many OPIs my sister and I have, it's getting ridiculous! Lucky I can share them all with her though! :P

  2. Hey Yakety Yak! OPI Snap!This has happened to us before! lol Mxx

    PS: I just logged in to finish my post tonight and start one on the OPI James Bond Skyfall colours which I bought today and there I see your latest post on OPI. I saw those OPI colours today, but I must say the way you have reviewed them make them more appealing. I might get them too, I really like the "I'm not really a waitress colour! I'm trying to get some colours happening so this might be the next pack that I buy. Are the bottles small or large? I can't remember, I looked at so many things today! So gorgeous! So Snap Again! Mxx

    1. Haha that's so funny! Oh I really want the Bond minis, I'll head over and check out your post now! The bottles are all mini ones in this set, but you'd be surprised at how long they last and how much product you get out of them! x

  3. This looks so perfect for a Christmas gift! I never finish the whole bottle of polish, so I'm all in favor of these minis :) I'm Not Really A Waitress is amazing, "Snow White" is the perfect description haha!!

    Ellie @ Ellalogy 

    1. Yeah it's a brilliant christmas gift that virtually any girl would love. Haha glad you approve of the snow white red :P

  4. I thought this was a really good idea as a Christmas/birthday present when I saw it a few weeks ago. David Jones had 25% off OPI yesterday and it was meant to exclude sets but OPI sets still scanned at the discounted price.. I was soooo tempted to buy it for myself :P

    1. Oh my god I was literally IN DAVID JONES on that day of sales you mentioned and I picked up this very gift set and took it over to the counter and stupidly asked them was it included in the OPI sale and they were like nope, gift sets not included! I wish I had scanned it anyway now ah!!! You should have bought it for $10 off! haha x

  5. That looks like an amazing set for a Christmas present! I like the idea of minis because I very rarely finish a nail polish before it goes gluggy.



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