Saturday, 3 November 2012

October Favourites 2012

Now that October has ended, it's time for a rehash of my favourites for the month!

Beauty Favourites...


– Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua foundation (in the colour Beige Rose 10)

I purchased this foundation a few weeks ago after all of the hype about it inspired me to get my hands on it. I’ll do a full review of this soon, but I will say it has a gorgeous finish and is so luminous and gorgeous on the skin. It seems to even get better on my skin as the day progresses somehow! It's a great every day foundation, and I'm really happy with it so far.


–Essie’s Boxer Shorts

Without flash

With flash

This polish was purchased online because it’s not available in Australia for some reason. Boxer Shorts is a bluey purple creamy polish, that looks different in different lights. I was convinced it was blue until everyone said it was purple and then I’ve felt confused ever since! It’s so gorgeous on every skin tone and it is a really pretty, happy colour. I think it’s hopped into my top five nail polishes of all time already! I just love it more than most polishes I’ve tried ever.


– Dior One Essential Skin Boosting Super Serum

This is just incredible. Goes on after toning and before moisturising (I do it at night before bed). It just leaves my skin baby soft and it looks so glowing and fresh in the morning after I’ve used it. You know how sometimes your skin feels a bit rougher and you can sometimes feel tiny little bumps on your forehead caused by dehydration? This completely wipes them out and rehydrates your skin, leaving it softer and smoother than ever.

General Favourites...


- Sweet and Salty Popcorn (Coles brand)


I don’t even like popcorn, but I love this. This is actually addictive. My friend brought it over and was like Kate you will love this. I initially was disbelieving as I never eat popcorn because to me it tastes boring, but this is something special. The salty sweet thing just works, and creates a dream team of flavor that is unbeatable in my opinion. Perfect for movie nights and a relatively healthier snack if you feel like junk food.

TV Show

– The Vampire Diaries


This show has escalated so fast up the line of my favourite shows that it’s jumped into my absolute best top favourites. And keep in mind I watch an insane amount of TV shows! To be honest it seemed stupid before I watched it, but after a few episodes I was addicted to the drama, the thrill, the characters and the romance. The best romance ever, mind you. I LOVE DAMON! If you watch it let me know who you are rooting for Elena to end up with! If you don't watch it, then start now. You won't be sorry.


– Man on Fire

I wanted to watch this movie because my friend said the film Taken ripped the idea off from this film. It was very similar, but as a whole I preferred Taken as I just love that film. But this was still really good, but kind of dark and depressing and a bit slow in parts (which Taken is definitely not!). 

I feel that this film's iconic status can basically be attributed to the littlest actor in the film - Dakota Fanning. She is an absolute star and she acts better than most adults I've ever seen. When she acted scared or worried or anything in the film I felt like my heart was being ripped out and felt like crying! Look how cute her little face is in that picture above awww! After watching it I googled Dakota Fanning's other films, and put them all on my list of must see films! She made this film.


- Argo


I saw this recently as my boyfriend picked it as our movie choice, and it was actually amazing (good choice Rich!). It's based on a true story where Iran takes some American hostages and it centres around the CIA's elaborate and crazy plan to smuggle them out unnoticed. They do this under the guise of filming a (fake) Hollywood movie, and the plan is just so crazy it might actually work... see it to find out what happens! It's full of thriller, on the edge of your seat moments, with humour and drama too. Ben Affleck directed, produced and was the lead actor in this film, and I think he did mighty well!


– Black lace peplum top from Portmans

This top is amazing for many reasons. It’s feminine and girly and pretty, and the sheer lace up the top looks so lovely. It’s so flattering as black is slimming, it cinches in at the waist and slightly flares out into a peplum design over my stomach. But it’s very subtle for a peplum which I like. It looks great over a skirt or jeans and is very office or just general life appropriate.


– Rose gold and silver coin pendant necklace from Mocha

My lovely auntie bought this for me as a present and I just love it! I wear it almost every day and it goes with everything. I love rose gold teamed with silver, and the design is so pretty. The necklace feels nice and sturdy and really good quality whilst still having a delicate chain. I just love this necklace so much and it goes with everything in my wardrobe.


- Glasshouse Christmas Party candle 

I recently posted about this candle in my Christmas haul. It has made my whole room smell like Christmas and the smell is just so incredibly festive and delicious and such a pleasure to my nose. It has an orange/ginger/nutmeg/sweet spicy smell. Pick it up before it all sells out because it is a limited addition!

So there you have my October favourites! Hope you all had a great October and Halloween, and if you are in Melbourne that you are enjoying the racing season and Spring! 

Hope your November has started off well :) I've got a four day weekend ahead of me so I am incredibly happy! xx


  1. That Chanel foundation definitely piques my interest. I think I will have to get my hands on it soon! I love the nail polish too - it looks completely blue to me though and nothing purple at all lol. It's funny. My husband has a little shade blindness and can't tell browns from blacks. Anyway I have a giveaway on my blog now! Sorry this isnt a plug but I just personally tell a few people whom I remember in case they are interested and dont miss out xx Mandy

    1. You should try it! I think if you go to the Chanel counter and ask they often have samples of it that you can go away and try. I know its such a confusing colour! Lots of guys seem to have certain colour blindness issues, it would be so strange to see things differently!
      I'll hop across and check out your blog now, thanks for letting me know! :) x

  2. Wow! Have you seen my post about the new chanel christmas collection? Im so excited for it when I saw that you are a chanel user too. Love there collection!great post!


    1. Yeah I just checked it out! It looks so amazing :) Especially that eye shadow palette! Just wish it was a tad more affordable though :P


  3. The nail polish is such a gorgeous colour! Loving the cheeky name too. ;) Haha. xo

    1. Haha I know I love nail polish names they are amazing. Best job in the world coming up with them I reckon! xx

  4. Man on fire is incredible!

    A xx

  5. I really want to watch Argo! I've wanted to try Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua for ages, good to hear that it's a hit for you :)

    1. It's a great movie I was actually surprised with how much I loved it! Go to a Chanel counter and get a tester to see whether you like it on you! :)

  6. Really like your October faves!
    Love H x

    1. Thanks so much for your lovely comment! :D x

  7. Oh my god, like so many things that I like that I am not sure what to comment on!
    You nails are so nice lady! I dream of having nice long nails like yours...any secrets????
    Haven't tried the foundation as Chanel's colors never fit great with my skin but the essie varnish is GORGEOUS. Your necklace is lush too! Oh and I love the film Taken!

    1. Hehe your comment is so long and lovely thank you! I love long comments!!! Awww I'm blushing due to all these nail compliments :P They get so long because I wear nail polish so much with the very strong top coat I use ( Seche Vite = AMAZING). So that strengthens them and they just grow that way. Doesn't mean they are the healthiest underneath as they rarely see the light of day, but so long as they look nice with polish I'm happy!
      Yeah it's so annoying when foundations don't have a good colour range gah. I know that polish is insanely pretty! Thanks for all of your kind comments! x


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