Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Iconic American Foods Everyone Should Try

So yesterday I went to America. Well kind of. Sort of. Okay not really. 

I actually went to a super store called USA Foods. It is basically a supermarket stocked with exclusively American items, which you can't really find anywhere else in Australia. It's heaven for homesick American expatriates, tourists, those wanting to throw a mega Halloween party, and just anyone vaguely Americurious. I personally just wanted to see how many variations of weird sweet foods I could get my hands on! 

I went with my boyfriend as practice for our America trip next year. I purchased some of the top iconic American foods one should taste to truly experience America in all it's sweet fantastic glory.

So this is what I bought and what I thought of each item...

Reese's Puffs cereal

What the cereal looks like

This was the thing I was most excited about! A cereal with my favourite Reese's peanut butter cups in it? What could better! 
Looked cool, smelt like the peanut butter cups, was very hyped... all good so far. Then I had my first bite...

I really, really wanted to love it, but something was off. After much consideration I've put it down to the Hershey's cocoa used. It's weird and fake tasting. And it tastes like floury low quality powder is coating every puff. I thought about it and realised I find the chocolate on Hershey's kisses average, so maybe it's that? I don't know... it's just underwhelming and fake tasting. A let down :(

Verdict: C

Lucky Charms cereal

What the cereal looks like


I wasn't even going to purchase this, but I'd heard good things and it looked so pretty! It's the most amazing looking cereal I've ever seen, with cereal in the shape of different little charms and big colorful marshmallows in lucky charm shapes. 

And it's not just the appearance that's amazing, it's also incredible tasting! Maybe because it's not coated in horrible fake tasting cocoa powder like the other two cereals I bought! Also the marshmallows don't really taste like marshmallows and are kind of crunchy, but trust me that's a good thing. They are so sweet and yummy!

Verdict: What an A+ cereal in every department! Well perhaps not in health and well, perhaps not in being very breakfasty at all (should be a dessert). But hey, what do you expect from American breakfasts!

Kellogg's Smorz cereal

What the cereal looks like

So here I wanted a bowl of s'mores in all their gooey, melty chocolatey marshmallowed glory. But what I got was a bowl of freeze dried marshmallows mixed in amongst gross cocoa powdered little crunchy biscuits. I really feel like this disgusting cocoa powder should have been identified as a bad thing and eliminated from all American cereal by now! Disappointing.

Verdict: C

Toast 'Em Pop Ups - Frosted S'mores flavour

My desired s'mores experience was much better created in my toaster than in my bowl thank goodness. This was a yummy biscuity tasting rectangle filled inside with a melty gooey mix of chocolate and marshmallow. Very warm and comforting. Pretty impressed with this, and it tastes better than the competing Pop Tarts offering. 

Verdict: A-

Wrigley's Dessert Delights Mint Chocolate Chip Gum

Dessert in a gum. Tastes like mint chocolate ice cream. Has like 5 calories total, thus guilt free. Looks like Essie's Mint Candy Apple colour. Amazing. Yum. 

Verdict: A+

Wrigley's Dessert Delights Strawberry Shortcake Gum

Alright but not better than normal strawberry gum by Wrigley's. Just okay tasting, but a novelty. 

Verdict: B-

Big Red gum

A spicy hot cinnamon gum that burns your mouth and nose a bit. Pretty interesting flavour but I think I prefer sweet tasting gums. And it doesn't do that stick to your head burn and sear a red mark on your face thing anymore! Probably for the best, but less fun :p

Verdict: B-

To find out more about USA Foods and where you can find it in Melbourne check out this website.

Have you tried any of these foods? What do you think? What are some other American things I should try, keeping in mind I'm travelling there soon! I need your help and guidance guys! :P

P.S. I have decided to only do Survey Sunday's every second Sunday from now on in case you were wondering. This will allow me to write more posts of substance and will also help me think of new, exciting questions! Turns out it isn't easy to think of an infinite number of questions! Doing it every fortnight will keep it fresh and fun :D So they'll be back next week! xx


  1. Love and tasted most of it!


  2. Wow, this was such a fun post to read! I've never tried any of these things. We have a few American candy shops in the UK, but they're really expensive. Would love to try the mint choc chip gum! xo

    1. Yeah this one was pretty expensive too! Those cereals were around $8-10 each!! Crazy. But the experience was so much fun!

  3. WOW that sounds like such a fun place, i'd love one in the UK, i loe Lucky Charms!

    Sophierosehearts x

    1. Haha so do I, I want to make an edible bracelet of them they are so cute!! And yummy!

  4. I'm desperate to go to America! My old housemate is living in NY at the moment (have been checking in with her Sandy experience) so I have somewhere to stay, I just need the mullah!

    BTW I was in a meeting the other day where a man said "YaKATEy Yak" three times in quick succession. I was tickled. And thought of you of course! :)

    1. Yeah the whole situation over there is so so scary :( I have some friends there too. That's great you have a place to stay...go! I'm going in May next year, so excited!
      Haha that's so funny, glad to see him promoting my blog :P hehe! xx

  5. Thank you so much for making me hungry haha! I'd love to try all these delicious looking foods!
    Why do they have so much delicious food abroad:(


    1. Haha I know, so not fair we don't have them where we live! I don't understand why they don't make them available...they'd sell so so well! Ah well, it's whet my appetite for my America trip! x

  6. hah really they have such a thing! That is so funny! I live in Canada so we do have a lot of similar things havent seen the smore cereal though and I am with you on the resse cereal not a fan either! I LOVE LUCKY CHARMS! They are sooo yummy! So wait you have none of these products in australia? Hard to believe cause they are so common around here! I am yet to try the desert gum kinda seemed weird to me but maybe I should give them a shot.

    Thought I would come by and show some love since you stopped by my blog! Having a read through and loving it!

    Ashley xx

    Steps To Perfection...With Romanianbutterfly206

    1. Yeah what a let down the Reese's cereal is! So much hype about it and it just tastes so fake and cardboard. Nothing like the chocolates! :( Yeah we don't have any of these products commonly available in Aust, only in specific such as this that specialise in American foods. The dessert gum is amazing! Everyone keeps saying its weird but I don't get it! Sweet tasting gum that literally tastes like ice cream... heaven!! Try it! :P
      Thanks for your lovely comments, really appreciate it :D x

  7. OH MY GOSH!!!! I neeed to try those smorz cereal!! :o

    also, I've tagged you to do the blogger tag! :) you can get more info about this riiight here --> http://myrberry.blogspot.ca/2012/10/the-blogger-tag.html

    1. Haha maybe you'll like it! It sounds good in theory but not so much in eating practice! Aww thanks for the tag, I'll do it very soon :D


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