Wednesday, 3 October 2012

September Favourites 2012

Now that September has ended, it's time for a rehash of my favourites for the month!

Beauty Favourites...


– MAC’s Patina eye shadow (all over my lid)

An amazingly pretty, subtle and beautiful antique gold colour that complements brown colourings and pairs with brown eye shadows in the crease stunningly.

-Burt’s Bees Tinted Lip Balm in Pink Blossom

Very moisturising and comfortable to wear, amazing natural colour that makes your whole complexion look healthier. Like your own lip colour but better. Also use it on my cheeks as blush on the go, it’s such a perfect colour for it.


– Illamasqua’s Nomad and Essie’s Bahama Mama (a tie!)

Nomad for its creamy, fun, happy, perfect green, and Bahama Mama for its beautiful plum, deep creamy sophistication.


– Liz Earle’s Cleanse & Polish

Can’t believe how smooth, soft and flawless my skin is looking all thanks to this.

General Favourites...


- Five:am Honey and Cinnamon Yoghurt.

So incredibly sweet and creamy. Aside from breakfast I often eat it as a dessert or a sweet snack. Tastes better than ice cream to me!

TV Show

– Sex And The City

During the break in show seasons, I have been desperate to watch basically anything that’s semi good/recommended by someone. For some reason this iconic show slipped through unwatched for 23 years of my life. Now it’s very much watched, and I’m up to the final season. Really funny, hilariously relatable and a bit of light relief.


– Pearl Harbour

I’ve watched a few this month but my favourite would probably have to be a DVD of Pearl Harbour. Surprisingly I found myself loving Ben Affleck in it, as I usually don’t really like him. Aside from the cute bromance going on between him and his best mate Matt Damon, I generally find him annoying. It was very exciting and dramatic and kept me enthralled the whole way through. Although it could have been a tad shorter!


- Ruby Sparks

I recently went to see the film Ruby Sparks with my friends and it was so cute and clever and touching. The actors are a real life couple too which somehow makes it even cuter. It was a romantic comedy but it had some darker undertones such as the exploration of issues of control and trying to change your partner. It really made you think and was very entertaining.


– Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

I’m rereading the Harry Potter series again, and I’m up to book 5. I love how when I read it I get completely absorbed all over again with the whole wonder and magic of it all. The world created in it is unlike anything I’ve ever read before. I also love the feelings of nostalgia and youthful innocence that surface when reading it, as I think back to when I first read it and what stage of my life I was at when doing so.


– Marcs navy blue blazer

The fit is flattering and it sits better than any other blazer I’ve worn. I like the sort of nautical look of it, the classy buttons, the stripy lining and the three quarter length sleeves. It makes any work, dress or jeans combo look better and more put together. Cost a bit ($249) but worth every cent in terms of wear, quality and longevity. And I always feel good wearing it, rather than the frequent wear it a few times and get bored of it scenario.


– Venice glass blown necklace and earrings

My best friend bought this back for me from his Europe trip. I can’t tell you how much I love these. I love how 3D they are, and how there are multiple colours swirled around, and how you can look deep into its depths. And I love the combination of purple, silver and black. It looks so magical and has little bubbles in it too. The earrings are cute and little but still make a statement. I have received so many complements on them! And the necklace is an amazing feature necklace.

So there you have my September favourites! Hope the new month has started off amazingly for all of you :)


  1. That minty nail polish looks so pretty, I've never had a mint colored one before. Great post!

    1. Mint has become one of my favourite nail polish colours to wear. I love it so much! Nomad and Mint Candy Apple by Essie are my favs! xx

  2. Loved reading this! I was addicted to Sex & The City a couple of years ago and I haven't watched it in so long... you're making me want to start up where I left off! I've heard so many good things about the Patina eyeshadow; I really want to try it!

    x Ellie

    1. Thanks Ellie! Where did you finish watching? I'm actually enjoying it more as the seasons progress which doesn't always happen with shows. I guess it's a good thing! Patina is amazing, it would look so gorgeous on you too! xx

  3. I've always wanted to try Burt's bee's the packaging is so cute! Love the eyeshadow too great picks!

    Steph x

    1. Thanks so much! I have lots of Burt's Bees products but their tinted lip balms and their regular Honey lip balm are my favourites. They moisturise like nothing else does :)

  4. That necklace is absolutely gorgeous! Also, I compeltely relate to what you said about Harry Potter. I'm re-reading the seventh book at the moment. :)

    By the way, I nominated you for the Blog Bug award! You can read more here:


  5. Thanks, he did well with the necklace! Haha. Oh that's so cool we are both rereading Harry! Which is your favourite book? Aw thanks so much for the nomination Sneha, you are too kind :P What a cute sounding award! xx

  6. Love the look of the Burt's Bees lipbalm and the Essie nail polish! :) xo

    1. Yeah Burt's Bees is an amazing brand for lips and Essie is always lovely! x

  7. i love Mac. though quite expensive, but i know this is a good brand.

    just me,

    1. Mmmm MAC is very expensive. But I just love their eye shadows so very much and can't stop buying them! x


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