Monday, 10 September 2012

Illamasqua Wins the Fight for Australia

The other day as I walked past an Illamasqua counter in Myer I encountered a glorious sight...

A New Fair Price For Beauty - Up to 35% Permanent Price Reduction 

I recently discovered that Illamasqua were taking a stand against the exorbitant Australian beauty prices. For instance, us poor Aussies generally have to pay up to 61% more than you lucky Brits for the exact same beauty product! How is that fair? 

We just all glumly accept it here, or are driven online in masses to order from overseas. So the fact that a huge renowned company was even bothering to make any sort of campaign against this was incredible. Tens of thousands signed their campaign to fight for a fair Australian beauty price. And it worked.

Then to actually see the results implemented... they've achieved what I've always just accepted as virtually impossible!

They have done it. They have fought back. They have diminished their profits for our rights, and they should be celebrated for it. And the more that they are celebrated for it through increased foot traffic and sales, the more other companies will take notice and hopefully follow suit. Which will bring down Australian cosmetic prices as a whole.

So just thought I'd share with you this little success story! Also to celebrate this campaign I thought I should reward them with buying something. I've had my eye on their nail polish in the colour Nomad, and seeing as it dropped from $34 down to $21, it's more affordable than ever! Illamasqua nail polishes are now basically the same price as OPI, so now it's opened up even more exciting nail options for me (not that I need anymore!) :P

It's an absolutely stunning vibrant jade green, and I just love it. It's perfect in every way. This is pretty much my favourite colour in the whole world.

So there you have it! Lavish praise on Illamasqua for being such a bold, inspiring brand, that isn't just all talk.

What do you think of this development in the Australian cosmetics industry? Do you think other companies will follow suit and reduce our prices as a whole? Fingers crossed!

P.S. I'm so sorry... Survey Sundays is coming! I just already typed it and my USB was accidentally left at work so I promise I will post it tomorrow. Sorry about that!


  1. Fabulous, glad to see that Illamasqua are doing something amazing :0

    Sophierosehearts x

  2. Other companies are going to have to follow suit, or make some sort of drastic change with the state of retail at the moment. I would much prefer to buy in person rather than online but some prices are ridiculous. Love that colour by the way!

    1. Yeah I know they have to really. They don't really have a choice. I heard that in the next year a whole heap of international companies are going to come to Australia because it's such an attractive market for them. Companies exploit us here and make us pay way too much for things, not fair! Hopefully actions such as the above will help make the Australian market more competitive and hence lower prices as a whole. Guess we'll have to wait and see, but until then I'm ordering online :P


  3. Yay, that's great to hear for you! Until I heard about this Illamasqua campaign, I had no idea you had to pay so much. Nice little treat for your nails to celebrate too! :) xo

    1. Yeah it's crazy huh, us Aussies have it tough :P Let's hope that the rest of the industry follows suit and soon we have more comparable prices to the rest of the world :)

  4. Great news! Unfortunately they don't sell this brand here grr. Love the shade you bought! Such a beautiful colour :)

    I'm your new follower! Hope you find the time to check out my blog too. I'd love to stay in touch!!


    1. Whereabouts do you live? It's new to Australia, maybe it will come to where you are soon too! I know I love that colour!

      Your blog is awesome, I'm now following you too and I'd love to stay in touch! xx

  5. oooh, that nail polish is soooo stunning! Love it :)

    and i really like your blog too ^^ just followed

    oh, and thanks for the lovely comment over on my blog :)


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