Sunday, 12 August 2012

Creative Present Idea #2

Continuing the creative present series, I recently created this for my boyfriend's birthday.

My best friend actually gave me the idea, when I begged him to help me think of present options. My boyfriend is in a band, and he jams with his friends and occasionally plays small gigs. So the idea is to create a famous band memorabillia frame, as though their band is famous and fans would spend lots of money buying such merchandise!

This present idea would work for anyone who is in a band, who has dreams of making the big time! It really plays to their band pride :P

So this is my creation:

You'll need the following:

-Big dramatic heading with band name

-A photo of all the band members that is humorous and could form a potential album cover

-A guitar pick (because obviously it's a collectors item!)

-A plaque with their band name, band members names, and other band information (origination/location/years playing, etc.)

-Record or CD with their band name on it

-Another photo of them playing a live gig

So there you have it! You'll make the recipient of the gift feel famous, flattered, and proud of their band. Plus it's a really personal and funny gift, and they'll appreciate the effort involved.

If you have any creative/personalised present ideas, I'd love to hear them. I'm always looking for new ideas!


  1. What a clever idea!

  2. Your boyfriend is very lucky to have you Kate! You have put so much thought into this fabulous gift.

  3. Hahaha thanks so much! I am going to show him this comment right now :P It was fun to make! xo

  4. I your boyfriend and his band loved this present! its very nice, i like it :)
    oh and thanks for following me! :)


    1. Hehe thanks! He did like the present thankfully! He can pretend he is famous when he looks at it :P


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