Sunday, 19 August 2012

Sweet Tooth Heaven - Little Cupcakes

I am probably the world's biggest sweet tooth. That really is no understatement. I would probably be fine if someone told me tomorrow that I could never eat savoury food again. 

Over time I'm going to share with you some of my favourite places in Melbourne to source incredible sweets, and also some of my sweet creative baking adventures. So that way, if you live in Melbourne or eventually visit it someday (which you all should because it's amazing), you'll have the inside scoop on the must visit sweet spots from someone who has seriously visited them all!

So starting with what is probably my number one favourite sweet food shop in Melbourne: 

...a cupcake shop called Little Cupcakes

I have tried virtually every cupcake going around, both locally and everywhere I've travelled, and these are without a doubt the absolute best I've ever had. 

They just melt in your mouth, and the icing is delightfully creamy and perfectly complementary to the cake base. The flavour selection is enormous, and every single cupcake is hand crafted into the most gorgeous creation you've ever seen. 

The icing is whipped, styled and delicately placed upon each cupcake, and the icing to cake ratio is exactly perfect. The cake itself is so soft, delicate, spongey, and melt in your mouth fantastic. 

They are just a pleasure to consume, and every mouthful is heavenly. 

Strawberry and Red Velvet

My standout flavours are Red Velvet, and Raspberry White Choc (the top two cupcakes in the five shown below).

Red Velvet, Raspberry White Choc, Belgian Chocolate, Elmo (cookies and creme), Vanilla

How cute are they!?

Red Velvet and Cookie Monster (cookies and creme)

There are three Little Cupcakes city locations, one in the cute little alley of Degraves St (the one I always frequent), one on the corner of Bourke/Williams St, or the newly opened store on Queens St. You can buy large cupcakes for $4/4.50, or mini ones for $2.20. They make great gifts and you can buy cheaper in bulk. Check out their website!

Degraves St

It is so hard for me working in the city to not go here everyday... my job involves so much self restraint!

Try them, they will change your life. I promise you that. 

Where else in Melbourne, or even internationally for when I travel, do I need to check out for my sweet food addiction?! Do you consider yourself to be more a sweet or savoury person?


  1. I adore things like this, yummy cupcakes :)

    sophierosehearts x

    1. Me too, they are delicious! Thanks for the add lovely xx

  2. Oh my goodness, those cake are so cute! xo

    1. I know!!! How cute are the Sesame Street ones?! I want to recreate them at home! xx

  3. This is in my top ten favourite stores in the whole city! I love it it just makes me smile. (Also the french baguette place just up from there is crazy good as well).

    If you do not try the salted caramel, the red velvet and the peanut butter one... I may have to stop speaking to you!


    1. Haha I absolutely love it as you can probably tell! What are your top ten favourite stores! I'd love to know and check them out :)

      As you can see by it's prominence in all my photos above, red velvet is my favourite! Oh and I loved the peanut butter one, it tasted like Reece's Peanut Butter Cups! Must try the salted caramel, although I do admit the idea of salt in a sweet item puts me off slightly, although everywhere seems to be doing it now so there must be something to it!

      I'm planning to go on a city chocolate tour soon, so then I'll have even more places to rave about :P

      Thanks for your comment lovely xx


      I know it sounds strange, but trust me, once you have it you will never look back! Once your done eating the cupcake, you should then wonder down into the royal arcade to koko black (also makes the top ten) and have they're salted caramel chocolate. That product is literally my favourite morsel of chocolate on the planet (and I do pride myself on having been exposed to quite a variety!) I'm telling you, just do it! Let me know if/when you have one and if you haven't by the time I see you next I will buy one for you and be present at the losing of you koko black salted caramel virginity!

      A xx

    3. You will be very proud of me as I tried something Salted Caramel today! AND I LOVED IT! Turns out it's basically just a slightly less sickly sweet caramel! And my main problem with caramel is how sickly sweet it is!! Turns out it's been invented purely to satisfy my caramel taste palette! haha!
      What I tried was a macaroon from La Belle Miette- the famous macaroon shop on Hardware Lane! Which I'm assuming you've been to being the city guru you are! I can't believe I've never been there before now! Best macaroons ever!
      I'm always at that Koko Black, I love the sitting area up in the attic of the arcade where you can look through the luxurious windows down below! How good are the hot chocolates, the mousse and the cakes! I'm getting hungry just talking about this :P
      I will most likely do reviews on all of these places as I did for Little Cupcakes soon :) We should catch up in the city one time! xo

    4. YES!!

      Oh I Love you!

      A xx

  4. what about pumpkin ravioli

    1. Haha yes that is my favourite savoury meal of the moment, how did you guess?!! Pumpkin ravioli with feta mmmmmmmm :P

  5. Aargh I LOVE Little Cupcakes. I recently found them at Chadstone as well. I can't go past red velvet- the cream cheese icing does it to me every time. I spend way too much money at the Degraves store every time I'm in the city.

    Glad to find a fellow Melbourne-ite blogger. I have really similar (practically identical) photos to your waiting on my camera for the right moment to post...enjoy!

  6. I know how good are cupcakes! The one at Chadstone though is a 'Cupcake Bakery', which is also yummy but not the same chain as the three 'Little Cupcakes' stores in the city. Cupcake Bakery in the city is near Degraves St too on the corner of Flinders Lane and Elizabeth St. Both are good but I prefer Little Cupcakes for the creaminess and melt in your mouth-ness! :P They feel more handmade and personalised too!

    Also totally agree... red velvet is the absolute best! You wouldn't think it would be such an incredible combination of sweet and savoury... but boy it is!

    I'm always so excited to find other Melbourne bloggers :D Going to pop over and have a look at your blog now too!

    :D xx


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