Saturday, 4 August 2012


I’m probably exactly like you.

I am nobody particularly special or unique, no more so than each and every one of you.

But in my short life so far, I’ve picked up many insights in a range of areas most likely relevant to you too.

And it is because of my ordinariness that I will be of most use to you, as my advice and insights will be most relevant and relatable.

A quick summary of who I am:

·         I am a 23 year old girl called Kate, from Melbourne, Australia.

·         I have parents, a sister and a bunny...

Pretty sure she's the cutest bunny in the entire world

·         I studied a double degree in Marketing and Psychology, with a minor in Journalism.
All three of these studies inspired this creation. It satisfies my passion to write, give advice and be creative.

·         At the beginning of this year I started a full time job in a graduate program at a large business. For better or worse, the life I knew before was forever altered as a result of this change.  

More than ever, I have been constantly googling advice and tips on everything and anything on both sides of the work/life spectrum to help deal with all the changes.

I aim to make my little slice of the internet an amalgamation of areas I seek knowledge in most frequently. These include:

·         Graduate/first real job tips, and the transition from university

·         Work/life balance and time saving tips

·         The importance of and suggestions for creating things to look forward to

·         Product/shop/restaurant/hotel reviews (both locally and internationally focused)

·         Beauty, health and well being tips

·         Date ideas and reviews

·         Travel planning and recommendations

·         And an assortment of many more things we share in common

I want this to be a one stop shop for you, to save you time, get quick and honest advice, and make your world a more fun and enjoyable place to be in. I’ve spent so long seeking out information like this, so you shouldn’t have to either!

I very much would like this to be a two way interaction forum- I value your opinions and comments extremely highly. Feedback is appreciated and very much encouraged.

It’s been lovely to meet you, and I’m so excited to get to know all of you lovely people :)

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  1. Hi Kate

    This is amazing! I feel like a have a new friend in you. Love your bunny- adorable. Can't wait to read all your fab, friendly advice and tips.



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